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Release of resources and reduced enviromental impact

ASAP-Norway is a norwegian company, who together with the healthcare professionals, has developed protective covers for the next generation; for beds, tables, and stretchers, where liquid waste, and spills are a problem.

Our products consist of a unique material which is highly absorbent ( 10 liter/m2), is just 0.7 mm thick, and has a durability rating of up to 200 kg. A soft and flexible bio film creates a waterproof and breathable barrier, which makes the products biodegradeable and enviromental friendly. All of our products carry the ”svanemerket” which is the official Nordic eco label.



Our clients focus on innovative thinking, cost effective solutions, high quality and prompt delivery. ASAP Norway AS works in a closely, together with the consumer ,to find the best possible solution.

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In a time where there is great focus on budget and work enviroment, it is increasingly important to have equipment and supplies which aid in meeting various needs as efficently as possible. A culture which is open, willing to learn, and sees the ”big picture” ,makes it possible for sustainable innovation in the healthcare system.


When the military is performing their duties, it is of utmost importance that the best equipment is available. High performance standards demand the best and most efficent solutions throughout the entire operation.


A clean workplace is important, both for the employee, and the customer. Executing a job in a clean, quick, and prefessional way is good business, and provides security.


When a person dies, many feelings surface. The process of working with the deceased requires high standards of quality, and reliability. Out of respect for the family, it is extremely important that all equipment function completely, everytime.

Emergency Services

When catastrophe hits, time and resources are two important factors in outcome, which can aid in minimizing human suffering, protecting life and health, and ensuring respect for each individual. Practical and efficent solutions contribute to saving lives.


The consumer is becoming increasingly interested in finding smart and simple solutions for the challenges they meet in their daily life. Therefore, a good understanding of how the customer will be using the product is important in order to present them with a solution in which they are willing to invest in.

Media Coverage

ASAP Norway was founded in 2007 by founder Astrid Skreosen who had the idea to develop a birthing sheet made to custom fit birthing beds. ASAP Norway has since been developing protective covers for the next generation; for beds, tables and stretchers, where liquid waste, and spills are a problem.

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What the consumer thinks

Through a good dialog with the consumer, we work to find the best solution. Positive feedback from the consumer is what creates the foundation of sustainable innovation.


«Works wonderfully! Less mess, and easy to use.»


«ASAP sheets have a fantastisk ability to absorb, and effectively remove almost all unwanted odor. For us, we speak of the ”before ASAP” and ”after ASAP” era.

Lars Svanholm CEO Svanholm Funeral Trondheim, Norway.


«Before we started using the highly absorbent sheet from ASAP, we often excperienced problems with leakage of body fluids from the deceased, and many complaints were filed.»

Frid Berglund, Certified autopsy technician Medical Services Clinic, Section for Pathology


«Clean, soft, and comfortable for the patient.»

Bærum Hospital

«We have only recieved positive feedback from both patients, and personell during the trial period of using these sheets. We see clear advantages using this sheet.

Elizabeh Mclaren Berge, The Department midwife

Dan Kristoffersen

Plumber «I have also noticed that customers see me using the ASAP- sheet as a way of saying to them, ”I will protect your home”.


«Thank you for a brand new normal!»


The future demands that each new product fulfill multiple requirements ,all the while making life increasingly simple, secure, and enviromentaly friendly. If this isn´t enough, the product is aslo expected to free up other rescources which can be used for other, more important tasks. We call this sunstainable innovation, and this lights a fire in us.


Recycling raw materials and manufacturing pure commodities, contributes to reducing our ”organic footprint”. Smart products also reduce both use of resources, and waste. This provides great enviromental gain, and is why all of our products are ”Svanemerket”.


Combining new commodities together with new and unique methods of production, provide exciting product solutions. Our newly developed disposable sheet is able to absorb 10 L liquid per square meter, can lift up to 200 kg, is waterproof and is just 0.7mm thick, and only 0,7 mm thick.